Investment Services

Investment Services

Whether you're planning for retirement, college, a business venture, or you simply want to increase your wealth, we can help get you where you want to be financially.


 Wealth Management

Our most comprehensive offering. We started as a wealth management company, and this service remains at the core of our company. Our wealth management service includes quarterly meetings, advanced financial planning, customized portfolios, and a dedicated portfolio manager.

This service is for clients who:

  • Would like to have a strong relationship with their advisor
  • Want a customized portfolio based on their particular needs and goals
  • Would prefer using stocks and bonds to control cash flow needs and taxes
  • Want a competitively priced, actively managed option
  • Are seeking to invest upwards of $250,000


 Intelligent Portfolios

Designed as an alternative to the "Robo" investing trend. While relying on the same automated portfolio modeling found in other Robo platforms to keep costs low, we felt people still wanted and needed more. The "more" turned out to be advice. As we found from our conversations, most people want prudent, thoughtful advice from a company or person they trust. Our Intelligent Portfolios service includes a comprehensive financial plan and yearly consultations with an advisor to keep you informed and on track.

This service is for customers who:

  • Have a need for limited help to keep them on track
  • Want to choose from predefined portfolio allocations
  • Prefer using passive investments (ETFs)
  • Want a low cost option
  • Are seeking to invest $5,000 and above



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